AusTraits is a transformative database, containing measurements on the traits of Australia’s plant species, standardised from hundreds of disconnected primary sources. So far, data have been assembled > 150 distinct sources, describing more than 100 plant traits and over 19k species.

The AusTraits project has two connected repositories.

  • (this repository): Is for those constructing and contributing data to AusTraits,
  • austraits: For those interesting in accessing or using AusTraits.

Usage and access

Those interested in using data from AusTraits, should visit the repositories for the compiled resource, at either: the

There you will also find detailed information regarding appropriate use of AusTraits.

We’re always rebuilding

This repository ( contains the raw data and code used to compile AusTraits from diverse, original sources.

To handle the harmonising of diverse data sources, we use a reproducible workflow to implement the various changes required for each source to reformat it suitable for incorporation in AusTraits. Such changes include restructuring datasets, renaming variables, changing variable units, changing taxon names. For the sake of transparency and continuing development, the entire workflow is made available here.

AusTraits is continually evolving, as new datasets are contributed. As such, there is no single canonical version. We are continually making new versions available. Overtime, we expect that different versions will be released and used in different analyses.


We envision AusTraits as an on-going collaborative community resource that:

  1. Increases our collective understanding the Australian flora; and
  2. Facilitates accumulating and sharing of trait data;
  3. Builds a sense of community among contributors and users; and
  4. Aspires to fully transparent and reproducible research of highest standard.

As a community resource, we are very keen for people to contribute.

For anyone working with the repository, detailed documentation is available at our website, or in the docs folder.


Funding: The project is supported by the Australian Research Council, via Fellowships to Daniel Falster and Rachael Gallagher, and by the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) via a grant to Falster.

Recognition: At this stage, only the compiled dataset available via traitecoevo/austraits is available for reuse. The raw data sources provided in this repository are not available for reuse in their current form, without further discussion from data contributors.